Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Note From The Lovely Elle

Inspiration for the Spring and Summer Seasons


The giver of necessity blooms into grace and lavishes abundance upon to us. And we see the gift return to earth to dream.


A vast expanse of promises, the celestial sphere is that which represents eternity. Protector and guardian of life- ever-changing and constant.


As the Goddess of light goes forth into the darkness, she doth cleanse the old and brings with her the purity of peace.


The graceful beam stretches towards the heavens, to bask in the glowing energy abound and safely return from whenst it came.


As the dust settles, the smoke curls and rises. To absolve imperfections and rejuvenate that which is given.

The Bubble Chamber

Love and Light xxx

The Birth Of Man; Division Air

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

To Liberty, To Liberty. To Buy Draw In Light.

Draw In Light: Available to buy online at or from the 2nd Floor at Liberty.

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