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Joseph Bond Printing - Black Mandala T SS/12

Hand Printed with LOVE xxx
Due to our hand process, artistry and love your garment is your own. Nobody else has one the same as you. Amen to being unique 

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VOGUE Italia - Blogged

In Style - March 2012

Disney Roller Girl Blogged

"My Favourite venues were 2 temple Place and The Savoy Hotel. 2 Tenple Place is a neo-tudor Mansion hired out for event, where Draw In Light held a life drawing class in which art students made charcoal sketches while dressed in silk abstract-print dresses."



Polly Wilkinson is one half of London design duo Draw In Light, who were discovered at the Liberty Best of British Design Open Call. Polly, together with Harriet Barford, makes beautifully hand printed pieces which are available online and in store now. Polly kept a diary of her day as they presented at London Fashion Week, in a unique set-up where artists took part a live life drawing class whilst modelling the Draw In Light Autumn Winter 2012 collection…

My day starts. Going through what we need for the show in my head, making sure we remembered everything! I try to get some more sleep.

Jump into the shower, do my make-up and get dressed into a white shirt, black cashmere jumper, silk jacquard trousers and Dries Van Noten perspex heel boots. Feeling anxious about the show.

My car arrives. In it already is Brian Doherty, our set photographer. We drive on to pick up Harry, dressed in a beautiful red paint Draw In Light dress with creeper boots, and head into Fashion central.

The set is ready from the day before; hair and make-up prepare their stations. The models, life models and art teacher arrive. The hair team is headed up by Yumi who has just got back from shows in New York.

Harriet has her fringe cut by Yumi whist I get a blow dry. Models are made to look like English schoolgirls, fresh faced and natural with a British side-parting and slight scruff… We have cast a mix of real Central Saint Martins students and models from Premiere.

Girls are dressed in Draw In Light’s AW12 collection “Take Heart

Our Life Drawing Teacher talks the girls through the class.

Our three beautiful nudes arrive on set. Ffion – Saint Martins student and life model, Kim – life model and 55-
year-old novis and life model Inderjeet Lee, who stole the show with her slender limbs.

Debussy’s notes filter through the air. Scented candles fill the room, huge plumes of white flowers are displayed in the fire hearths. The sun shines though the leaded glass windows of 2 Temple Place, onto polished wooden floors and our fresh-faced class.

A last scuffle as we get the final things in place. Running only a few minutes late…

Press, buyers, family and friends enter into the class, including Norman, Harriet’s 91-year-old grandfather. It is an intimate affair: my two sisters, Phoebe and Hermione, model and draw in the class.

The class is in full swing and the teacher is directing the girls and life models in practice and poses.

Caroline Issa arrives along with Susie Bubble and sister Louisa Lau – dressed in Draw In Light. Max from Art Wednesday pops in and tells us while tweeting what an innovative idea he thinks this is.

The room has a great atmosphere and mix of people looking at the live class, sketches and drawings that have been produced.

The class is told to finish off their drawings, which by now have got a beautiful flow to them.

Our Nudes are applauded for the uninhibited generousity they showed to bare all in the name of fashion and art.

North6 production have whisked us out of the room, our set is cleared and we are back in the green room to pack up our kit and change the girls.

We only found out about our presentation at LFW last Monday so it is an incredible feat… Our team have been dedicated and hard working over the last five days to get the show ready.

The result of all that effort was a flurry of interest in Draw In Light, the support from Caroline Issa, Yasmin Swell, Susie Bubble, Kyle Robinson and Paper Mache Tiger (our agent) along with Tamsin Blanchard from the Telegraph was integral to its success. Relative|Mo played the biggest part of all our supporters for offering us the opportunity to express ourselves as Draw In Light. Harry and I are now sitting in our local pub in Hackney eating pizza, drinking wine with our wonderful team, feeling humbled, proud and happy. Thank you especially to Liberty London for being Draw In Light’s first stockist and believing in us. We hold you in the highest esteem.
Love and Light Harry&Polly

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The Telegraph - Tamsin Blanchard

London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012 live blog day two

Follow all the action from London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012 as it happens. Today: Get excited about Simone Rocha; Moschino Cheap and Chic makes its LFW debut; OMG Stella McCartney's in town, and more...
12:40 Drawing in Light
Draw in Light is a collection of screenprinted dresses by two print designers, Polly Wilkinson and Harriet Barford. When they were approached on Monday by the intuitive Justine Fairgrieve of Relative MO PR and offered a space in her London Fashion Week showcase, they jumped at the chance and staged an impromptu life drawing class with artists wearing their beautiful, ethereal silk print dresses inspired by nature and flora and fauna.

The designers have known each other since their mothers met at an ante natal class. They both went to Brighton to do silk screen print for fashion, and set up in a studio together printing T-shirts and spraying jeans. Their work was spotted at the Liberty 'Open Call' three years ago, and has been selling out ever since.
The presentation was an oasis of calm as the artists drew three models, while Harriet's 91-year-old grandfather watched the proceedings.
"He has invested in the company, and that's how we started up," said Harriet who, with Polly still prints and makes everything they sell. "My grandparents used to show me William Morris prints as a child." He must have felt very proud. - Tamsin Blanchard, Telegraph Magazine.

PHOTOS: Brian Doherty

The Fashion week Daily - Susie Bubble

SUNDAY 19 FEBRUARY 2012 - Fashion worships at Two Temple Place 


If you were clued up to what PR power-player Relative MO was up to, you would have been hotfooting it between Somerset House and the beautiful Two Temple Place all day. Founder and CEO Justine Fairgrieve latched on to the growing importance of presentations and, instead of having them scattered around town, decided to hole up in this exquisite treasure house stuffed full of works by George Frampton and Thomas Nicholls.
“It’s not an off-schedule; it’s a mini Relative MO schedule!” says Fairgrieve. Off or on, it doesn’t matter when you’re quietly taking in life-drawing classes by jersey label Draw in Light, or seeing Felicity Brown’s take on Laura Ashley graphic patterns with views of the Embankment. Later, we were treated to knitwear upstart Lucas Nascimento’s mottled surfaces of tinsel yarns and chenille, and Markus Lupfer’s comic-book WHAM! and POW! motifs, juxtaposed with the gothic-style interior. Finally, Dominic Jones showed his medieval metal, while Katie Walsh guided us through her clean take on wardrobe staples.
“It’s been hard to pull off but totally worth it!” says Fairgrieve. So true. Cramming in presentations has never been such a doodle.

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