Monday, 10 September 2012

Celestine Cooney Is Kwel

Celestine Cooney is Kwel 
We started to work with Celestine last year, she is our big sister of Style. 
She consulted on our Pre Spring/Summer 2013 collection and we have just finished working together on Main Spring/Summer 2013.

Pre Spring/Summer featured on the Twin Blog. 
Celestine is the fashion editor at Twin Magazine. 

Ben Weller a friend of Celestine's is the Photographer that shoot's our look books. 

The Celestine Sport Jumper : Our Little Homage, of course it was featured on

A Little Birthday present we made for a Celine fan. P.S Please don't sue us Phoebe Philo

Our Spring/Summer 2013 Collection - Styled by Celo and shot by Ben Weller.

Celestine is Irish, like Sinead O'connor & Simone Rocha. 
Part of the Irish Mafia that are taking over London - Boo George, J W Anderson. We are big Ireland fans.  

You can take the girl out of Ireland but you can't take the Barry's T away from the girl.

Me (Polly) & Harry think she's a big ride. Jealous and inspired by her wardrobe YES. Who wouldn't be. Why do we love her... Well she's just really, really Cool and funny! 
P.S If you want to see a picture of her naked - Google Celestine Cooney, Mari Sari. 

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